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Registering permanent or temporary address abroad

Slovenian citizens can have a permanent or temporary address in Slovenia or abroad, depending on the purpose and duration of your stay at your home address. The permanent address is the address where the person actually resides and is the centre of his or her interests in life. A temporary residence is an address at which an individual temporarily resides for work, education or other reasons.

A Slovenian citizen must have a registered permanent residence at the address where he/she has his/her permanent residence, i.e. at the address where the centre of his/her vital interests is located. In parallel, a citizen may also have a registered temporary residence if he or she is temporarily staying at another address for work, education, serving a sentence or other reasons. A citizen shall register his/her permanent or temporary residence in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, but if he/she resides abroad, he/she shall register his/her permanent or temporary address there.

You can register a change of permanent or temporary address abroad at the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Tokyo:

- REGISTER YOUR PERMANENT ADDRESS ABROAD when you leave Slovenia permanently and report any subsequent changes of address abroad due to relocation. An alien with a permanent residence permit in Slovenia who moves abroad permanently must also declare his/her permanent address abroad.

- REGISTER A TEMPORARY FOREIGN ADDRESS when temporarily settled abroad. Registration is not required if the stay is for less than 90 days, but the individual may register a temporary address if he/she wishes to do so.


You can apply for an application form at the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Tokyo, which you fill in and send to the Embassy.

You can only have a permanent residence in Slovenia or a permanent address abroad, but not both at the same time. An individual with a permanent address in Slovenia can have a temporary address abroad, but cannot have both a permanent address abroad and a temporary address abroad (he/she can only be abroad permanently or temporarily), nor can he/she have both a registered temporary address abroad and a permanent address in Slovenia.


A temporary address abroad replaces temporary departure from the territory of the Republic Slovenia. A temporary address abroad can be registered for up to four years. In the event of a longer stay at the same temporary address abroad, the individual must re-register the temporary address abroad before its termination.

The registration of the permanent or temporary address abroad must be notified within 15 days of the settlement or change of address. It is also important to report changes of an administrative nature, such as a change of street name, etc. Such notification may also be made before the departure (registration designation: pre-dated event). In this case, the law does not impose a time limit on how far in advance the departure can be announced.

When declaring a permanent or temporary address abroad, it is not necessary to provide proof of the right to reside at the address being declared.


The registration of a permanent or temporary address abroad can also be arranged at any administrative unit in Slovenia or via the e-Government portal (application form at the following link: https://e-uprava.gov.si/podrocja/vloge/vloga.html?id=1184), with an electronic signature corresponding to a handwritten signature, in accordance with the law governing electronic signatures and electronic commerce.

After registering a permanent address abroad, a citizen of the Republic of Slovenia is obliged to replace his/her identification documents within 30 days, as provided for by the relevant laws, namely his/her identity card, passport and driving licence. While the new address can be entered in the passport as a change (if there is a blank space on the third page of the passport), this is not possible for the identity card and driving licence.


Citizens residing permanently or temporarily in Japan or the Republic of the Philippines can apply for a new address to be entered on their passport at the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Tokyo. The process is free of charge and takes between 2 and 3 weeks.


Registering a permanent address abroad also means that the citizen will be registered as voters and will automatically receive ballot papers and postal ballot papers at that address when elections are held.


Registering a change of address abroad for a minor child

If the parents do not share an address, the parent, whose address the child is not registered at, must sign a consent to register the child's address. If the parent does not or cannot sign the consent, the applicant must attach one of the following documents:

- A decision that the child has been entrusted to his/her care and upbringing.

- An agreement on the care, upbringing and maintenance of joint children.

- A court decision.

- Other.

If the child's address is the same as that of both parents, the consent of the other parent is not required.

Accordingly, when changing the address of a minor child, a certificate of registration of permanent address in Japan or the Republic of the Philippines for the child and both parents must be submitted.


De-registration of temporary address abroad

You must deregister your foreign address within 15 days of moving away. You can do this at the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Tokyo, at an administrative unit in Slovenia or by submitting an application on the e-Government portal (link to the form: https://e-uprava.gov.si/podrocja/osebni-dokumenti-potrdila-selitev/selitev-prijava-odjava-prebivalisca/zacasni-naslov-v-tujini1.html). 

For more information on registering a permanent and temporary address abroad: https://www.gov.si/en/topics/residence/